Where are you located?

Our mailing (and physical) address is:


3644 Manchester Road SE

Calgary, AB

T2G 3Z5


How long have you been in business for?

Black Collar Society came to fruition on June 1, 2013 and incorporated on September 4, 2013.


Can you provide references?

Of course we can! Our clients are the best advertising we have. We would be more than happy to provide you with references upon request. Alternatively, you can view our testimonials by clicking here or you can check out what some of our clients had to say on our Facebook page.


Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we have Commercial General Liability insurance through Silvercrest Insurance Group. Upon request, we are able to provide proof of our insurance.


Are you bonded?

Yes, we also hold our bond with Silvercrest Insurance Group. If you require proof of our bond, we would be more than willing to provide it upon request.


Is your business registered with the city of Calgary?

Yes, we are registered and licensed with the City of Calgary as a Kennel Service / Pet Dealer and Retail Dealer.


What are your rates?

Our rates vary depending on the service. You can view our services and the rates by clicking here. Please note that GST has not yet been added to our price list. All services are subject to 5% GST.


What are your pick-up and drop-off times?

Drop-off is any time during our hours of operation. Pets checking out from our pet hotel must do so no later than 12pm. We are more than happy to accommodate a later check-out for an additional fee.  Special requests for pick-up/drop-off times may be sent to amber@blackcollarsociety.com.


Do you offer discounts for multiple dog households?

Yes, depending on the service we have discounts available for homes that have multiple dogs or animals.


Will you bill me?

Black Collar Society has implemented a bi-monthly billing cycle for regular mobile service customers. For vacation clients, monies are owed on the first day that services are to be provided. You may view your account statement, invoice history and payment history at any time by logging into your account here.


What is the payment schedule like?

We prefer for services to be pre-paid, however we are willing to work with you to create a payment schedule that caters to your needs whilst allowing us to do what we love every day – hang out with dogs!


Is dog walking a long term venture for you?

Absolutely! In less than one year, Black Collar Society has received multiple proposals for business acquisition and we have made the decision to take the Black Collar Society brand as far as we possibly can. There is so much opportunity for us to grow not only within Calgary, but the rest of Canada. Who knows what could happen!


Do you have a service contract?

Yes, we do have a Service Agreement that all of our clients must sign before we provide services. The Service Agreement outlines our pre-requisites, cancellation policy, expenses, fees, display rights as well as a veterinary release.


What is your cancellation policy?

1) If the Pet Owners change the date they require services, then Black Collar Society is released from all contractual obligations and shall in no way be held responsible for non-performance.

2) In the event of a dog walking or dog daycare cancellation, 24 hours notice must be given in order to receive a full refund. If Pet Owners fail to give 24 hour notice, they are responsible to pay for the dog walking services in full.

3) In the event of a pet sitting or boarding cancellation, 14 days notice must be given in order to receive a full refund. If Pet Owners give 7 days notice, they surrender their deposit (to be refunded if the vacancy is filled within those 7 days). If the Pet Owners give 48 hours notice or less, they surrender their deposit and are responsible for lost or unpaid wages.


What happens when you take a vacation or become ill?

When you hire Black Collar Society, you eliminate the risk that comes along with hiring an independent dog walker. Black Collar Society works really hard to build a reliable and flexible team of Pet Care Specialists so that you don’t have to worry about availability. We will always do our absolute best to accommodate your service needs.


Are you the sole dog walker or do you have employees or contractors?

As previously mentioned, we are a team of Pet Care Specialists. This works in your favour! Last minute requests are more likely to be accommodated with a larger team.