Kaya and Yoda

“We have been clients at Black Collar Society for the past three years. I have two good sized dogs and my younger one can be quite challenging! We have used all of the services provided – in home care, boarding, daycare and daily walks. Amber and her staff have always been fully professional, kind, compassionate and loving to my dogs. They are always able to accommodate us and my dogs get very excited to spend time with all the staff! I would highly recommend Black Collar Society to anyone & I do so on a regular basis!”

 – Natalie, Kaya + Yoda


Katie “My dog, Katie, is part of Rachael’s Monday Pack walk and I specifically wanted Katie in there for socialization purposes as she usually avoids other dogs. The change in Katie is very noticeable to not just us, but the friends who dog sit when we go out of town. Katie never used to play with other dogs and now she does on a regular basis. Though we work on it with her, we needed the extra support. The Black Collar Society has obviously created a great pack atmosphere and Katie feels safe. Thanks so much for this service.”

 – Vicki + Katie


“It is an amazing service to know my furry friend Anee is so well cared for by the staff of Black Collar.  I love knowing that she is getting a break during the day, and getting the email with the picture and comments makes my day!   Having the option that they can stay in the house and cover both the dog and the plants/mail/shovelling is brilliant!  Highly recommend Amber and her team.”

Trudy + Anee



“Black Collar Society has been a lifesaver for us! They have been walking our pooch for 1.5 years. We started when he was just 8 weeks with private walks. They worked with our pup greatly on recall and not pulling while walking. Their online scheduling and invoicing system is extremely convenient and easy to update. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy dog walking service!”

Alicea + Buster