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black collar tour & orientation

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Sign up online and provide some preliminary information so we can get to know you. We will tailor your tour experience around your fur baby's profile.

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What's in a tour?

Not quite ready to sign up? No problem. Read more about how we get to know you and your pets through our personal orientation program.

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pet hotel & daycare tour

Visiting us at Black Collar Society is one of the best ways to understand the experience your pet will have while staying with us. Our orientation tours not only familiarize you with our facility, it also gives an opportunity to get to know you better. It's all part of how we make sure your pet has wonderful days with us.

Dog "Spaw"

After all their amazing adventures, your pup can come home fluffy and clean with a trip to our grooming area.

Dog Playground

Our outdoor yard is filled with appropriate amounts of toys, stimulation and exercise.

Pet Care Boutique

Explore our retail boutique filled with top quality pet care products and our expertise to guide your purchases.